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"Stop, Sparrowhawks! We are Blackfeet, and
we are going to kill you!3

It was a bad trick to play on boys like ourselves;
but I shall not forget what happened. The
Crow boys uttered a frightened exclamation and
threw their hands up Into the air with such force
that it fairly rained berries for the fraction of a
second. The berries stung us In the face and
head so sharply that we thought that we were
meeting a charge of buckshot; and we, toos be-
came momentarily frightened,

When It was all over we stood and looked at one
another for a moment, and then we burst out
laughing. The humour of both sides of the situ-
ation seemed to strike us the same instant. The
Crows were laughing at us, and we were laughing
at them. We all had such a good laugh that we
decided to forget the enmity of our fathers and
play together for awhile.

We invited the Crow boys to run away from
home, toos and to stay with us till next day.
They did. And we had a great time sitting
around our small camp-fire that night, talking In
the sign language and telling of our experiences.
We never hated the Crows after that.

One of the greatest medicine-men the Blackfoot
nation has produced 'came to his "medicine" * on
one of these runaway trips which we boys used to
make. The name of this remarkable mystic Is